IGT Vinvalè

A wine designed to offer an immediate and pleasant experience, without compromising quality. The perfect balance between youth and maturity allows you to fully enjoy its sensorial qualities from the moment the cork is uncorked.

Fattoria del Pino Vinvalè

Grapes : 100% Sangiovese selection Vigna Nuova

Winemaking : traditional method, medium-long maceration on the skins with frequent pumping over during the tumultuous phase with punching down in order to break and spray the cap for greater extraction from the skins. All with manual processing.

Aging : one year in steel and four months in 25 hl Slavonian oak barrels.

Bottle refinement : approximately four to five months.

Color : pale ruby ​​red

Olfactory/taste : young, soft, very fruity with notes of plum and red berries, round in the mouth, easy to drink.

Environmental Label

Environmental Label

Capsule C/ALU 90


FOR51 Cap


GL71 Bottle


Separate waste collection: Check the collection system in your municipality

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